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Ho-hum. Remember how I started Suikoden 1 on last Monday morning? I think I completed the game by Thursday or Friday of that same week. That’s something I’ve never done before: finish a game so damn quickly.

Now I’ve moved onto Suikoden 2, where I just fooled around with my old saved files. Just started a new game this morning. Let’s see how long this will take me. I think longer since this game is technically way longer than the first one.

Oh and if anybody has a copy of Suikoden 3, can I borrow it or buy it off you guys? XD XD Or I should hunt someone down and make them tell me all about the game. x_x;;

Other than games, I have an essay due tomorrow for my English class, and a Math test on Thursday, and oh boy, my favourite, memorise 30 authors’ and their poem’s title for my English class. Bleh. Well, better work on the darn essay now.


  1. ahhh lucky you! i wish i had time to play rpgs :(

  2. Thanh Ha on

    I think it’s time to upgrade to some new games! :D

  3. whiteferrero on

    hweh. you should skip suikoden 3, it’s not that good. I liked all the others though. Good luck!

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