Insomnia = VG Nerd

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For some odd reason, I had this sudden urge to play a video game. I’ve been meaning to play Suikoden 1 and 2, so I started on 1 again this morning at 2 am. That was after I spent about 15 minutes trying to figure out what happened to my PSX’s cord thing with red, yellow, white ends to stick into my vcr. For some reason, I think either dad or my cousins did it (?), it was plugged into my dvd player. Oi. Oh and have I mentioned I hate those damn wires since they all look virtually the same?!

Anyways, played the game around 2 am because I couldn’t sleep. Then I got tired, but I still couldn’t sleep (or maybe it was aided by my addiction to continue on with the game?). I played till 9:30 this morning. Seven hours of gameplay. Oi. For those that know the game, I got to the point where Hero, where I named “Tei”, beats Kwanda dude.

#$*#$_)_$#)# I hate how the game insists on taking out my favourite characters who are equipped with the good armours, replaced by the FORCED characters with no good armours on, so I have to spend money on them. I could have walked ALL the way back to the damn castle to replenish it for free, but that’s just too time consuming. All is well though, since it made the game move faster.

My goal is to beat Suikoden 1, so I can move onto the second one with the saved data to get Tei in my party XD. I love Tei. Oh, and all the slash/shounen-ai potential is so strong! *_* Guh. It doesn’t help that I’ve read some Suiko fics the past several months to aid my addiction.

Basically, I stayed up all night, got only 30 minutes of sleep from 10:30 to 11:00 where I had to run to my class which starts at 11:45. And I was out all day thanks to my evening class, and now I’m pooped. I’ve been virtually up for 31.5 hours. I’m surprise I can function still. I must be part zombie.

ETA: Actually, make that 36.5 hours with no sleep. XD


  1. LoL

    Part zombie is correct! I wouldn’t function after that little sleep. How can someone sleep for half an hour? It’s insane!

  2. That’s a lot of gaming! But oh so much fun =D Wow, I don’t think I’ve stayed up all night gaming yet though, lol.

    Oh yeah, I hate using forced characters too! When playing RPGs, I try to keep everyone the same level, but I always end up having 1 person that is really strong, 2 that are pretty good, and then the rest are weak =T

  3. Heather on

    Yessss play video games all the time. I have fallen into the same trap.

  4. i played a bit of 3, but i never really got into it. i heard it was brilliant though..

  5. Must be the season for old skool gaming. I broke out FFVII the other day. I love that game.

    Incidentally…you haven’t had any weird people hacking into your comments, have you?

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