Anime Review: Nadia

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

Here’s a quick review of it.

The Plot: Basically, like Aein said in the previous entry, it’s a lot like Atlantis where I still think Disney did a wonderful job of ripping it off. We have Jean, an inventor who meets Nadia at Paris. Nadia shuns him, but he doesn’t care and chases after her. Along with Jean, we have Grandis and her posse, Hanson and Sanson, chasing after Nadia. More specifically, chasing after Nadia’s pendant, the Blue Water.

Thanks to Jean’s many workable but failed inventions, Jean, Nadia, and King (Nadia’s pet lion) escapes Grandis and her crew. During their adventure, they get on Nautilus, a real cool submarine and meet Captain Nemo and Electra and all that. Then JNK finds themselves on an island where this secret organisation called, “Neo-Atlantis” is creating stuff to take over the world. Gargoyle, who’s a cool villian btw, manipulates Nadia into giving herself up by taking King and this little orphan, Marie, hostage.

Meanwhile, Jean teams up with Grandis and her gang (who are actually quite cool) to rescue Nadia. While doing that, Nautilus comes back and help them out, and then after blowing up tne Neo-Atlantis’ base, they ride with Nautilus on more adventures to find out the damn secret of the damn necklace.

The Good: Hanson and Sanson. I <3 them. Jean was awesome too. He’s such a sweetie. Captain Nemo… *_* I can see why Grandis fell in love with him at first sight. The humour of the anime was quite funny. Gargoyle… how can a villian like him be so civilised?! Haha. Grandis was actually a likeable female character.

The Bad: The movie that follows the series, sucked. The second half of the series, except for the last five epsidoes were all filler eps, so it lagged on and on. Some parts of it was good, but others… blah. The fact that this entire storyline was predictable, disappointed me. I read one of the voice actor liked how she/he didn’t know where the story was going with. It was just so obvious in many parts that I was just like… when is the series gonna tell that so and so is really so and so blah blah blah.

The Ugly: Eaton (Ayerton) was the stupidest character in the entire story. I saw no point for him to be there. Nadia was a pretty bitchy character. I can understand the circumstances of her childhood affecting stuff, but to be a bitch to Captain Nemo in the beginning and later on in the series disgusted me. And I felt so bad for Jean for … putting up with her.

Aside from the bad and the ugly, it was an enjoyable series. I remember seeing parts of it on Korean channel, but I don’t remember anything of the series. I’m glad I could get my curiosity fulfilled now. ^_^