SAHS Spring Instrumental Concert ’05

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I seriously am going to miss a lot of the seniors that were in Concert Band and String Orchestra this year. A lot of them are talented musicians and great students. Despite the band teacher not actually teaching this semester (she won this Teacher of the Year thing and one of her “reward” is a sabbatical from teaching. Irony I tell you!) the students all did an excellent job. It’s concert like these that makes me wish I didn’t graduate from high school. It makes me wish I could still be up on the stage, performing with them.

Normally, I’d be in the band room helping out. But this semester, a substitute who is allowed to take long term subbing job was in there. Don’t get me wrong, I adore her, but it’s not the same without the band teacher there. And I figure if I’m still hanging around there, the students will never get used to her and disrespect her. Hence the reason why I stayed away.

Yet hearing them in the concert after being absent, sounds more pleasing than it does had I stayed and hear the rehearsal 24/7. It was a joy to see that even with the teacher not there, the students still miss her. Especially during the senior recognition. That’s a tradition. Hee hee. I didn’t see anyone of the seniors cry during or after the concert. That’s what I did after my last concert. *sighs*

I seriously miss the easy life high school gave me. And I miss being in the band. That should explain one of the many reasons why I cannot stay away from the infamous band room. In a way I may be living in the past, but yet I am also living in the present with past influences.

Anyways, if any of the band/string students read this (I doubt except for a couple peeps), kudos to a wonderful concert. (Minus some bloopers which you guys pulled out of real quick!)


  1. I read I read!! man i was ABOUT to get emotional but i didnt reach that far. I guess i was still in my “duet” mode. hahah but thanks for the “kudos” and thanks for being so great noona :-)
    God bless

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    Oooooh, I love the new layout Tara! I swear you’ve turned into a layout machine or something but that’s cool. Looking forward to a new layout again. ^_^x

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