Version 19

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This theme switcher plugin has turned me into a monster layout whore or something! Oiya…

Enjoy the new layout. I really like the colours and the way this layout came out.


  1. Eileen on

    I really love this new layout. Very serene and beatific! The last one was pretty cool too.

    Really, I don’t know how you have the to time to do all of this…

  2. J Blue on

    I love the new layout too…soft-toned colors…

  3. Alexis on

    This one’s pretty too! I love the theme plugin too; it’s a good thing I haven’t got more time. I’d so have at least 12 layouts on that puppy. :D

  4. This layout is beautiful! Tranquil…The theme switcher thing is a neat tool. ^_^

  5. Lovely new layout! I love the colors and how you placed the images =)

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