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Just woke up from a 5 hour nap.

And before I go on, I updated Capriccio with 5 new songs. Let me know if ya download and what ya think!

Whoo hoo! Today marked the ending of Term IV! Sadly, the day after Memorial Day, I have to go back to school for Term 5. Oh well…one week is better than no break!

And I got so much to do this term break. These are what I plan to accomplish.

* Update Scarred
* Go see Star Wars on Monday (?)
* Watch Day After Tomorrow, Hidalgo, Farenheit 451, and Once Upon a Time in the West on dvd at home
* Rip a bunch of cds into mp3s
* Finish Five People You Meet in Heaven and this SHORT anthology of short stories
* Go to the Spring Band/Strings Concert on Thursday
* Hang out and party!!!!