Version 18 Layout

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Look to the side, and under Theme Switcher, you will see a new link. Click on V.18 Metropolitan Impulses to change layout. ^_^ While normally I make the newer layout the default one, I love the bunnies one too much to make it default. However, the end user, you, can change it if you wish. And if you do not like it, you can still change to the older ones. ^^ I love this theme switcher plugin!!

Let me know what you think of the new lay!


  1. Alexis on

    I like the new layout/theme! The effects you used on the picture are really cool; it looks very artsy. :D

  2. CasualSax on

    Like the new theme (should I know that bridge?), but I preffer the bunnies. I’m not gay, am I?….

    Hehe, lova ya Tara!

  3. LemonSalad on

    Loooooovly header.

    The colours and all be interesting. Sexy. =)

  4. hmmmm those bunnies look good enough to eat

  5. Pange on

    I like the new layout a lot – especially those spiffy category styled boxes. =3 Very cool!

  6. mochi on

    hehe… yes, the bunnies are too cute to let go! soo it’s a wordpress plug-in? ooooooo aaaaaaah… you’re too cool, tara-chan!!!!! ^________^

  7. Hoshiko on

    love the new layout, Tara-chan! It looks so artsy. BUt I prefer the bunnies. They’re so adorable.

    Wish I could work on the theme switcher too. Maybe one of these days… :)

  8. twice translated on

    ooh oooh…this one! the bridges!! i like this one best :)

    [by the by, i’m a friend of casual sax’s :) just stopping in as i do from time to time. nice blog, and nifty layouts, might i add.]

  9. Sushy on

    The layout with the rabbits is so cute! ^^

  10. Nice nice nice! I LURVE IT!

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