Finals Week A-Coming

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Yesterday, I was called at 8:24 am for a last minute sub job. I was asleep when mum came in the room with the phone (I have no friggin’ phone in my room anymore since Grumpy the rabbit chewed the essential phone cord x_x;;). The secretary told me she needed a sub, and then I asked her who the teacher was. Keep in mind I went to bed at 4:30 am that day, and I was very groggy. She said the teacher was “Moelayos”. My foggy mind didn’t know the teacher, and I told the secretary that. She was surprised. Then my incoherent mind woke up. You see, I was thinking it was some new teacher who’s first name was MOE and then last name was Layos. That was my dumb moment there. Friday the 13th wasn’t all that great of a day.

So aside from subbing all week next week, this is what I have to do:

* Sign up for Term 5 classes.
* Get the damn Bio Lab Manual done by Wednesday.
* Korean final exam on Wednesday.
* Read 3 short stories by Saturday.
* Read the Marxism chapter by Saturday.
* Write two essay for my English take-home final exam by Sunday.
* Class on Monday/Wednesday/Saturday.

The only plus about this is that after turning in the lab manual, that will count as a class. We don’t have a lab on Thursday. YES! So must get the manual done soon so I can focus on the English mumbo jumbo. Korean will be piece of cake. Then it’s over for Term 4… and then after a week break, Term 5 starts. *sighs* And Term 5 will run through mid July. I am sick of school.


  1. LemonSalad on


    Whoa, 5 terms… We only have 4 terms in Australia… o_O

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