English Midterm

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I surprisingly received an “A” on that midterm. That midterm was where I had to write two essay based on what we covered in class.

I just typed random BS up. Seriously. And I passed with an “A”.

I’m amazed.

Now that school has finally ended for me for this week, I shall relax. Ahhhhhh.


  1. Ksusha on

    Congratulations on getting the wonderful grade! I don’t know how many people can get away with writing crap on the paper and get A’s on them. Heh, pretty damn lucky ones, probably!

  2. J Blue on

    Where can I get bunnies as cute as those in the pic of your layout?!

    Congrats on your A! I got an A too. With a minus even, hehehe

  3. Alexis on

    Congrats! Although, if you go to a school like I went to, that would be a regular occurance. We just had to show up and we got decent grades. :D Needless to say, some people still failed. Anyway, congratulations again! Do relax and rest up, you’ll need it for next semester!

  4. Alexis on

    Oh, when I submitted my comment I got a blank page that said “No truetype font availabe for capacha” but the comment still went. Just thought you might like to know!

  5. Hoshiko on

    Congrats Tara! Your BS must make a lot of sense for you to get an A for it. Heeeheeeheee! Seriously though, ongratulations!

    And yeah, the site is up! :)

  6. Thanh Ha on

    Congratulations! Shit is always good!

  7. aint it weird how those people who never expect an A get one anyway ;)

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