Freedom Again

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Am so glad this hellish midterm week is over. And people, the only reason why I received a 96 on the Korean midterm after only studying for 15 minutes is because Korean is my second language. I just have problem with the reading/writing part of the language.

On the other hand, I think I did awful on my take-home exam for English. However, I ended up with an A- – – (and yes there were 3 minuses) on my first paper for English.

In Biology, we are dissecting the darn foetal pig again. Fuck. I hate dissecting. The ironic part about this class is this: I asked my Biol 160 professor if we do dissecting in Biol 161 (which is what I’m in currently) and he said no and that dissecting only occurs in Biol 102. That’s why I wanted to take Biol 161 to avoid dissecting in a lab, and we are still dissecting. I fucking hate it.

*sighs* Oh well. Aside from school updates, after class on Saturday, Jacq and I went to the beauty salon. I re-highlighted my hair with bleached streaks since the one I had done about a month ago… died out. I’m happy with the results I suppose. Well, a new week is starting and thankfully it will be less stressful than this one. And no more make-up classes! Whee!


  1. Pange on

    Ah, so cruel that you have to do dissection. =( That was my worst fear of third year – I hated it. Your hair sounds pretty!

  2. shroom on

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! bunnies!!!!!! ^________^
    tooo cute!! ^_^

    wow, you and your super web design skills
    you are so beyond me now… themes?! O_o wow!

    congrats on doing so well in your classes~~~

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