Time Drags On

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I cannot wait till this horrid week is over. Well, it’s not that bad, but it sure at the moment seems like it.

At least I got one hurdle over, and that’s my Korean midterm tonight. I ended up with a 96. And I only studied, what? 15 minutes? Puhahaha. x_x;;

Aside from that, here’s the rest of this week’s plan.

* Subbing all week for Choir teacher.
* Korean Midterm on Monday: DONE!!!
* Korean class on Wednesday.
* Biology Lab Thursday.
* Make-up Bio lab on Friday NIGHT. (Ewwww….)
* English class on Saturday.
* English midterm due by Sunday afternoon.

OI. Now I finally understand the implication of midterm and final weeks. >_<;; And I'm working? It's horrid. Damn. Well... the working part will be alright I guess. I can use some of the time while subbing to do my homeworks/studying. *sighs* I want this week to end, NOW.


  1. Oooh, looks kind of scary. =X I hope you’ll come out of the week feeling much better that it’s behind you! =D

  2. Chibi Misao on

    OH! BUNNIES! Cuuuuuute! ^_^

    Good luck with everything, Tara-chan!

  3. Thanh Ha on

    15 minutes of study for 96%? Bargain!!

  4. janicewong on

    the bunnies are really really cute!! omg.
    and you got 96% from 15mins of studyingg!!! HAHA.. you ripped it :)

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