The Two Horrible B’s

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Updated Capriccio with five new songs. :3 Enjoy. Now onto the subject of this entry.

Today, I’ve suffered from what I put in the subject line.

The first B = BUGS. Grumpy, my rabbit fyi, finished up a bag of hay, and I moved onto the next one. I noticed the hay in the new bag looked… weird, but I thought maybe it was just like that. Then I looked closely and there was a weird … thing on the hay. Next thing I know, I see a whole crap load of bugs in the darn new bag of hay. WTF! I freaked out so bad, that I threw the bag away from me. Thankfully not very many hay came out, but boy… I was shuddering and almost in tears at seeing a whole bag of hay at waste.

I honestly have no clue why this one had bugs in it. Maybe it was old, but it makes no sense since I keep extra bags of hay for long period times as this one went through, and they never got old or had bugs in it. Ugh…. X_x;; I knew I should have used some kind of tupperware for it… if I can find one to fit an entire bag of hay. I’ve told Dad to get another bag of hay today and just now, I asked him to find me a damn tupperware with air-tight lids or something. Hopefully he’ll find one. I seriously don’t want to experience that again. I was so freaked out and STILL am.

The second B = Biology Lab. Gag me please. Last week was awful, and now this week is even more awful. Nuff said.

Now I’m swamped with English homework to do by Saturday. Great.

On the bright side, I got my package from Animenation today! My second half of Nadia dvd collection and Skyscrapers of Oz manga came! Woot! USPS Priority DID only take 5 business days as it claimed. Now hopefully Amazon package will do the same since it’s being mailed the same shipping speed at USPS Priority. ^_^ I’m actually proud of the postal service at the moment. XD That’s the highlight of my B-ish day.

Edited @ Apr 15, 5:44pm: OMG my package from Amazon, which was shipped on Monday, arrived today. What is going on with the postal system?! They are actually shipping stuff to me on a fast pace! I am quite shocked. XD Yay for me though! More mangas! Whoo hoo!


  1. LemonSalad on


    What kinda bugs were they? Did they have them pincers, furry legs and such? xP

  2. Lemme guess… Your fave Fake chara is Lai?

    If it is, Lai actually shows up in Vol. 3, Act 10.

    If it’s Law, well, Law doesn’t really hang around Bikky. ^^;

    Lass also makes her appearance in Vol. 3, Act 10.

    Those are the only two I can see that hangs around Bikky that could be your fave charas.

  3. That bug thing is gross. If you’re not careful, the same thing happens to rice bags, too. At least you have DVDs to cheer you up ^-^

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Tara. Hopefully I’ll get better soon ^^;;

  4. Ah bugs! That is so frightening! I would have done the same thing. *shudders* I’m super sensitive about them sometimes. The other day, there was a huge spider that I couldn’t bring myself to kill, so I just ran upstairs and pretended it doesn’t exist anymore.

    Wow, that is super quick shipping! =O It always seems to take so long for me. *has bad luck*

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