Term 4 Began

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Updated Capriccio with new songs.

Aside from a bunch of webpage stuff I’ve been doing, school started on Monday. Lovely. I am still in vacation mode. I haven’t even went into SAHS lately either. Lazy me.

Here’s my lovely schedule for Term 4.

* Korean 115: Monday/Wednesday, 6:30pm ~ 9:30pm (3 s.h.)
* Biology 161 (Human Biology Lab): Thursday, 5:30pm ~ 9:30pm (1 s.h.)
* English 303 (Critical Approaches to Literature): Saturday, 9:00am ~ 4:00pm (3 s.h.)

I am not quite happy with Biology since I am sick of that subject. Thank goodness for that being the last Biology class to take, hopefully in my lifetime. So far Korean is well… still boring. Last Korean class though. It’s getting more and more difficult spelling wise, but everything else is just utterly easy.

Bah. Maybe next term or the term after, I’ll take Intro to Japanese or something to make my gaining knowledge process more challenging. I kinda figure though that the Biology Lab and the English class is gonna be hell compared to Korean though. Aigoo. Welp… hopefully Bio will go well tomorrow night.


  1. Ooooh, a X Japan song! *goes to download*

    I also hope to never have to take a Biology class again. I don’t like that subject much; too much memorization =T

  2. Thanh Ha on

    Engrish is tough! Damn grammar and all that other stuff. hehe

  3. LemonSalad on

    English is eassyyy… =3

    I want to do bio next year. Hopefully I can disect a snail~

  4. hey i just found this doing a google search for “aigoo chamna”… LMAO… awesome domain name!

  5. *runs away from biology*

  6. i never took biology in high school. a decision i’ve never regretted ;)

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