Thumbdrive’s Adventure

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I have this Fuiji Film, blue 512 MB thumbdrive along with a 1 gig thumbdrive that I’m saving for if the Fuji Film one ever dies.

I can say that the FF almost did die today, but it miraculously survived. Basically, since I don’t have an mp3 player or nothing, I’ve been using that by storing mp3s and taking it with me. I took that with me to work on Friday, and I’ve been using it the shirt pocket on the chest to carry that. Well… I forgot about the thumbdrive being in the shirt pocket, and then I gave that shirt to my dad to wash it.

Erm… you can guess what happened there. I found it on the dresser later and the following conversation happened:

Me: *looking at the thumbdrive with confusion and dread. Takes it to her dad* Er, dad? Is that my thumbdrive?

Dad: Yes.

Me: *remembers where the thumbdrive was LAST time* Uh…

Dad: Now I don’t know if it will work after it went in the washing machine.

Me: *plugs it in to test it*

Daddy: *plays some of her mp3 files and is surprised that the thumbdrive still works*

Me: Wow. *giggles stupidly* Well… the thumbdrive and I’ve been spared. ^^;;;

*sighs* Yes, I can be quite forgetful and dense. I’m glad it’s okay though. Now I find it funny though. *snorts* Something electronic went in the damn washing machine and survive its trip. Amazing.


  1. Midnight Angel on

    Same thing happened to Jeffie with his thumbdrive too and it still worked…and good thing it did for you too…

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