Fun Friday

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Before I go onto the actual blog entry, here’s a link that pissed me off, and which I think is so WRONG.

WTF? Poor bunny!!!!

*ahem* I worked today. Subbed for my ex-AP US History/Government teacher. What a long day. Oi…

Then after school, I met up with David. We just chilled for a bit since he’s leaving tomorrow. Then I met Jacquie, and we went to the salon to get her hair dyed. Then we took a cab (and we got caught in evil traffic) to Myung Dong to celebrate our last Friday before school starts at TGI Fridays. Yum yum yum. She bought me a mudslide! :D I ordered Mushroom Chicken Mushrooms w/ Broccoli Cheese Soup. Boy that was good.

After dinner, we came back to our neighbourhood, and after looking at cellphones, we parted and went home. Now that I’m home, I’m gonna go shower and sleep early. I got a headache, and I’m exhausted. It was fun, but such a long, long day.


  1. wtf? that poor bunny! some so-called “friend.”

  2. you guys must have some damn cool phones over in korea!! lucky ducks.

  3. hahaha that link! its the most lame way of making money everrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

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