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… Spent the last 4-5 hours working on the site. Damn. It took me two hours to just fiddle around with Photoshop. By then it was 9pm and I didn’t even realise two hours had passed!

Well, so I decided to just make the damn site.

Capriccio, the new website of TC’s. :3. Enjoy! Tell me what ya think!


  1. Crimson on

    Hey Tara-chan! I like the new site, bookmarked. You put a classic Beach Boys song on there, rock on. Love the layout, its gorgeous. I am sure you’ll see me hanging out here a lot. Lots of love! *GLOMP*

  2. Hehe, I know what F, MP, MF, and F are. ^^ I DID learn something in Music! Go me!

    I do like Winter very, very, very much. It’s one of my favourite pieces. (No comparison though, however, to Bach’s Fugue in D Minor. XD)

    Loverly selection. I just KNEW you’d have to have at least one anime song on there and at least one oldies on there. ^^

    Nice layout. Much love!

  3. Awesome new site! I really like how it has an orchestra-themed layout; it’s beautiful =D

  4. yay! what a pretty layout! and thanks so much for sharing beautiful music! makes me wanna watch the k-drama! *hearts tara-chan*

  5. hey, i think its really nicee… dont get all paranoid that you took 2 hours. im sure it would of taken alot of people 10 hours :)

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