Record of Lodoss War & MP3 Rotation Site

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I saw Record of Lodoss War, the 13-eps one. Not bad. Not bad at all. Some slashiness here and there. Hee hee. But really, I enjoyed the last half. I didn’t like how the first half of the series confused me. The first episode started off from them going into a cave or such, and then the 2nd episode spawned off on to tell how the little group met. It took me a while to realise that was what happened. The transition wasn’t very nice there. But I liked it later on. Orson and Etoh (whose seiyuu did Ryuichi from Gravitation!!) were my favourite. But my ultimate favourite was King Kashue. Although… I wanted to know why Parn was staring at the King in a such a weird way that made me think… Hrm. Slash potential-ness. Anyways enough of it. Now I just gotta borrow the sequel from the same friend and then I’ll be satisfied.

Now onto the main focus of the entry: What should I do…

A) Have a mp3 rotation site?

B) Just keep the mp3 on LJ using Yousendit?

If you chose A, then from here…

1a) Make a separate mp3 rotation site?

2a) Or just make it part of my main domain? Like links on a sidebar or another page using WordPress?

Decisions…. aigoo. Comments? Suggestions? Let me know.


  1. I chose A! Make an mp3 rotation. And because I think WP is kickass, use a page. Actually, you can use a page with a different template. That would be cool.

  2. Oooh, mp3 topic! ^^ I’m a fan of that. I’m not really sure which method, it’s all personal preference, really. I have an mp3 rotation on my sidebar of my blog, and I like it because it doesn’t take as much bandwidth as a rotation site…or so the theory goes. =D Whatever you do, it sounds good!

    I loooooooved Orson.

  3. Whoa, my comment got cut off. I also mentioned how I thought King Kashue was great. Ah well. =3

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