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I gave up on that stupid contact lenses. I just sold them to Jacquie for $35 bucks. I be pathetic. I don’t care though. I’d rather keep my eyes safe than fight with it and ruin my eyes even more. BAH. At least I earned some of my money back. XD

I re-pierced my right ear. The standard piercing. I had both ears pierced on the bottom before my senior prom, but the right one decided to be a dick and it got infected. I closed it, and I finally decided to re-pierced it. I went to Crow at 이대 (Ewhwa’s Woman University) and got it pierced for $4 bucks. XD Not bad. Surprisingly, this time, it didn’t hurt compared to the last time I did it. It hurt for a few hours after I pierced it, but after that, it only hurted when I touched the area accidentally.

Now it’s the weekend. After subbing for three days total, I’m exhausted. I spent my lovely TGIF night with Jacquie. Had some interesting conversations. She says I have a natural repellent for people. That’s interesting to hear. XD Hahaha. She says my voice is the trigger. Real interesting…Huh. And I always though when it comes to trying to get guys or something, it was my chubbiness and my clothing style that repelled them. Huh. I learn something new everyday don’t I? XD


  1. Aww, you gave up? =/ Meh. That sucks. But people repellent sounds interseting. Maybe I gots it to, lol.

  2. Awe… sorry to hear that you gave up =T Contacts gave me problems when I first got them too. But, at least you were able to sell them =)

  3. you sold your contact lenses to your friend? but haven’t you used them already? and isn’t the degrees and stuff different? i dont get how you can sell your contacts to someone else.. isn’t it like.. different for everyone?

  4. CasualSax on

    Glad you got something back for them. =D

    And, I believe they didn’t have any vision correcting..just eye color changing. Right?

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