Coloured Contact Lenses

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Last week, my income tax refund came back. Woo hoo! $176.00 more for me.

… and I have spent like half of it mostly on grey-coloured contact lenses.

Material girl should be my nickname. Actually, baka or 바보 (babo) sounds more appropriate. I got those lenses, and well, the eye dude and my friend both explained and even went as far as demonstrating and putting it in for me, and I CANNOT DO IT!

I came home and practised on it for an hour. Didn’t make it. Then couple hours ago, I tried again. I failed again. There goes 45.00 bucks [insert a long stream of cuss words]. Funny thing is, my mum told me that when she was younger, she got some contact lenses too, and like me, she could not figure out how to stick the darn thing in. In fact, couple days afterward, she had to go to the optometician to fix up an eye infection. I guess stubborness runs in the family.

To conclude this rather pathetic entry, the morals of Tara’s contact lenses experience are:

1) Tara cannot put in contact lenses.
2) Tara should not spend money on something that everyone says is EASY to accomplish.
3) Since Tara could not stick the darn thing in her eye, she will stick with glasses and her natural coloured eyes.


  1. CasualSax on

    Contacts are evil, evil things..never tried them myself. I would look on the internet for tricks to putting them in – I know that a lot of people really struggle with them the first time, but after putting them in and taking them out a few times, its easy.

    Also – why didn’t they have you try them out at the optomotrist? =P

  2. Midnight Angel on

    how can you give up so soon?!

    save them or sell it to me so you can get your money back…XD

  3. Heather on

    Meh, it takes forever to work but once you get it its all good. :)

  4. lol i want contacts! honey coloured ones.. haha takes some practice doesnt it. i’d probly bawl my eyes out in the process.. well after seeing my sista try and put them in i realised how hard it must be

  5. It didn’t take that long for me to get my lenses in. Just be sure that if you ever try to put it on again, to rinse it between each attempt. Plus, I think you probably got those long-term hard lenses which are much thicker then throw-away lenses.

  6. ^^;;; Awwww, poor Tara-chan… Yeah, I remember when I first got my contacts. Oh my god, it must’ve taken me 15 minutes just to shove one into my horribly red, watery, and itchy eye. Twaz horrible, I say, horrible. But persevere! For eventually, you can become so adept, that you barely have to even look in the mirror. Mostly, I guess you just have to watch for the lense catching on the eyelashes — that is extremely irritating. Also, check that it’s not inside-out, and if you get it in, just keep it in, despite itchyness. If you keep blinking and shift it around gently, it will eventually settle down.

    Man, you’re lucky you got colored lenses though. I really, really wanted amethyst ones, but I need toric lenses (I have astigmatism) and they don’t have cool colors in those. POOP!

    Anyhoos, much luck on the sticking pieces of plastic in your eye!

  7. Chibi Misao on

    Eeee, yeah, I have problems with contact lenses, too. Poking objects into my eyeball just isn’t my thing.

    Most people seem to be so used to it that they can get them in and out in a few seconds, though. In fact, it took my friend awhile to get used to hers, so there’s still hope yet for those cool contact lenses of yours ^_^

  8. Aw! Don’t give up! When I first got my contacts I almost poked my eyes out putting them in. Now I can do it without a mirror or anything. It gets alot easier and you can see MUCH better with them in once you get used to them than with glasses. I can’t hardly see with my glasses.

    I like this new layout! It’s very springy and lovely.

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