Version 15 Done

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If you saw this blog like several hours ago, it was looking funky since I was fixing it up with the new lay!

And well… it looks funky in IE as well, but not that much. I’ve joined the ranks of using Firefox. XD

Mucho thanks to Lee for helping me with this and allowing me to use her codes as my base for the layout since WP original theme and I were not particulary getting along.

I actually like this layout. :3 So springish.


  1. Britani on

    Looks fine in Safari, the Mac browser. Also, I have a thing for pretty flowers. So, I like it!

  2. on

    loooks awesome, really love the colours, they suitperfectly :D

    firefoxall the way!although im on ie atm…

  3. I like it, too! But then again, I might just be biased in the favor of spring ^_^

  4. Oooh, lovely layout! Nice soft colors and pretty flowers.

    And to reply to your comment on my blog: Yes! I like Love Mode a lot =) Do you?

  5. The new layout is gorgeous, definitely perfect for springtime! *types this while looking out the window, grass still covered with snow* I adore those three little boxes with rebirth, change, and wisdom. Awesome!

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