Term 4 Registration

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Despite the term being delayed, registration is still starting on time. Yay. It starts today, and I signed up for it.

Before signing up, I had to wait for Daddy. While waiting, Silent Bob, Jacquie, Luke, and I were hanging around outside Townhouse. Luke and I were fighting with each other and ahhhh… brings me back good memories of my seminar days with Eric. Only Luke doesn’t hit back like Eric. He keeps calling me a “violent bitch.” Whatever. XD

Then met up with Daddy and signed up for the following.

* Korean 115: Korean IV – $468.00 (3 credit hours, already have the book; Mon/Wed 6:30-9:30 pm) Back-up class is Math 012.

* Biology 161: Human Biology Lab – $156.00 (1 credit hour lab; Thursday 5-9 pm)

* English 303: Critical Approaches to Literature – $468.00 (3 credit hours, 3 damn books = $102; Saturday 9am-4pm)

After doing all that mumbo jumbo, Jacquie, Silent Bob, and I marched around downtown Seoul. Our goal was to get our third English 303 book since crappy PX didn’t have it, and for Jacquie to pick up her dictation tapes. Then we stopped by my house briefly and then ate dinner together.

All together $1194 bucks. I paid $750 and Daddy the rest. Aigoo… my bank account is hurting. *sighs*


  1. Your education: Priceless.

    Haha, just had to add that there. It so needed it.

    My bank account is having sympathy pains. Poor thing.

    Should have taken that money and gone on a vacation far, far away… sounds nice, doesn’t it? *sigh*

  2. OMG.. well think of it in the long run (:

  3. oh my god.. this is exactly why i dont wana go to uni! i dont want to go broke over textbooks =/

  4. LemonSalad on

    Omg. O_o; Never realised uni was so expensive… o_o

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