V-Day Babbles

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While practically everyone on blogs are wishing each other Happy Valentine’s Day, I’m not gonna bother doing that.

To me, it’s a meaningless holiday. I told myself that if I do have someone who loves me and vice versa, I’ll tell him to just get me chocolates the day after V-day. Purely for the reasons that they are cheaper. :3 I’m stingy with the weirdest things sometimes.

But seriously, why do people complain about not having anyone to love? Gosh… I mean I posted on a message board that says this: I love myself! At this point in time, I don’t need a man to make me feel happy. As long as I’m happy with myself, is living good, and have friends and family around me who loves me for who I am, I don’t need a man.

On the other hand though Daddy will always be the number one man of my life. Daddy got me one of those chocolates that come in the heart-shaped box. That was nice of him. ^_^


  1. Midnight Angel on

    At least your daddy got you something. That’s so sweet! The only chocolate bar I got was from this Korean lady in my class who works at the office and I practically had to go to the Townhouse to get meself a bag of those miniature Hershey’s, hahahaha…

    I love myself too! Don’t we all?

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