ENGL 294 Rough Draft

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Wow, just wow.

Right now I’m taking Korean 114 (Level 2 Korean) and English 294 (Introduction to Creative Writing). Classes started on MLK week. That was when I found out what exactly we had to do in ENGL 294. Basically we are supposed to write a short story rough draft, bring it to class so everyone can read and criticise/comment on it, and then I rewrite my draft for my final exam.

Well, today was my turn to be butchered by the workshop. Not really butcher, but that’s what I call it. I finished it by last Wednesday night. Between now and then, couple of my friends (RL and Online) had read it. They told me they liked it, but I was still sceptical, insecure about it. I was quite surprised and pleased by the results.

With the exception of a couple of people (who didn’t like it since it wasn’t their cup of tea, but thought it was good) the entire class liked it. And here I was thinking the story sucked since being a writer myself, I am never satisfied with my work. Even the teacher liked it. In fact, before class, he texted me on my cell and said “Excellent first draft”.

During the workshop, he said, and I’m paraphrasing, this: “All it need is one rewrite to polish it, and it’s ready for publication.” That certainly boosted my ego. I don’t know if I’ll get it published or not, but I will certainly think about what he said. The class itself gave me some good ideas though. I don’t know if I’m going to change the story drastically or not, but I will fix up the grammar, add more PADs (Physical, Action, Description), fix up the damn dialouge, and make everything work.

It’s funny. The teacher said that the dialouge was the weakest part of the story. I always prided dialouge to be my forte. I guess not in this story. :3 But really, I’m happy with their comments. It made me happy considering the facts that I’ve been having nightmares about this day. I have until the beginning of March to work on it. I better get to it!


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