Happy Crappy Birthday, TC

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Yeap. Here’s what happened.

Monday: Started coughing lightly at the beginning and by the time I went to bed, coughing became shittier.

Tuesday: Still coughing, and throat hurt. Had to go in to sub all week and classes also started. In 2nd period, Strings played an early Happy Birthday to me. I felt loved. As the day went on, I became worse and worse. Finally at the end of HS, I found this one lady who I knew was gonna sub later on for Mrs. Lee, I asked her to if she could sub for me tomorrow, thinking I only needed a day to recuperate. She agreed. I still had to go to class, so had to wait till I signed in Kat. She’s cool. By then, I was feverish and dizzy. Kat and I left class early. I got home and mum took care of me.

Wednesday: My birthday. I was feeling no better at all. Yuck. My aunt and her son came by and bought me cake. I blew out the candles, with the help of my mum, and then I continued to rest and take meds.

Thursday: Not getting anywhere near well. So I finally caved into my mum’s and aunt’s idea about going to a Korean hospital, and getting a damn shot on the butt. Mum and I went to a hospital nearby home, and I indeed get the shot, which strangely I felt nothing for a change! Later on, I felt 50% better, but still a while to go till I get better. I did go to class again tonight, met up with Kat again, and then went. It was a fun class! Engl 294 (Intro to Creative Writing) will be a fun class. :3

That’s how I pretty much celebrated my birthday. Ew, huh? I know. Yuck.


  1. Aww, that’s too bad. Lucky that you had that early birthday celebration, isn’t it? At least you did something. And I noticed you haven’t said how old you are, so? How old are you!? I’m curious, it’s in my nature but hopefully I won’t end up like the curious kitty. You know they say that curiousity killed it. That would blow.

    And enough with my weird tangents I hope you are better now or at least will get better soon!

    Love & Hugs.

  2. CasualSax on

    Hey Tara…how are things? I wish we were online at the same time more often. = Anyway, just wanted to say hey, I’m think’n about you and stuffs! Hope you have a great day (Whenever the next one begins, I’m not so sure about timezones anymore.)

  3. Hey Tara! Its Sung :) I was just going through old websites that I used to frequent and one of the first places I visited was here :) Happy late birthday, sorry it didn’t go so well with you being sick! You’re in college now? Time goes so fast!


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