Early Birthday Celebration

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What a fun day.

Met up with Jacquie (we share same birthday), Jeff, Craig, and Robert. The five of us decided to go eat at Sorrento in Itaewon. It was an Italian restaurant. Not a bad place at all. Then we went to this bar which is one of my favourite bars.

During my entire stay there I had:

3 Orgasms
1 Cosmpolitan
1 Chappella
1 Tom Collins
1 shot of Southern Comfort
1 shot of Tequila

A lot huh? I got buzzed after the shot of Tequila, but it wore off QUICKLY. But then again, I think I’m still buzzed! Oh well. I ended up being the “DJ” there for a while, while the rest of the gang who I decided to name “Pool Freaks” played pool.

It was a fun night. Better than I expected aside from certain circumstances.


  1. Michelle on

    Happy B-day!

  2. lol! I thought you had 3 REAL orgasms for a moment there ;)

  3. Dude, nice move with the drinkage. I had two shots of tequila the other day and it was… nice. ;D Seriously, it’s been pretty cold this week and that warmed me up nicely.

    Never heard of a Chapella before… do you know what’s in it?

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