New TV

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The television I had for over 10+ years which is probably even older since I think I got it secondhand from my parents, DIED.

I don’t know how, but it wouldn’t connect to my VCR and all I got was the lovely static crap.

So now daddy hooked up Daewoo’s 19″ tv and it works! I have a tv remote control again! I lost my old one like … years ago. But yeah, I’m happy. Now I don’t have a freaking line through my screen anymore.


  1. Bummer. But hey, a newer tv in it’s place? Sounds like one bad thing is replaced by something good. ;D

  2. Aww, poor old TV! *pats its head* At least you’ve got a stunning screen of beauty now! =3

  3. LemonSalad on

    We still have this old tv… x_x 8+ years…

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