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Just converted to WordPress.

So far it’s better than Greymatter, yet… the templates section will take a WHILE for me to get used to x_x;;

Excuse the messes here. x_x;;


  1. You JUST converted! Wow, you have alot more patience with Greymatter than anyone I know. Your blog’s so much faster now. And you ping when you update! Yay! I actually remember to check people’s blogs when my blogrolling list lets me know that they’ve updated. :D

  2. wordpress is infinitely easier and better than greymatter.

  3. hey it’s wordpress. I like wordpress. It’s got a nice setup for it and it’s simpler than greymatter. I think it’s also a little bit more hackproof.

  4. hey, tara-y. just saying “sup”. sounds like you’ve been awfully busy.

  5. Ooh, wordpress! Your page loaded super fast! ^_^ I’ve been using greymatter for so many years, I kind of fear switching over, lol. =3 All the best!

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