Forensic 101 Joke

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On the first day of Forensic 101, the professor walks in and tells the class this, “There are two things you need to know to do to survive any forensic class.”

“One, you must not be afraid of ANYTHING about the human body.” The professor walks up to a table with a cadaver and takes off the sheet.

After doing that, he stuck a finger into the asshole and licked it.

“There,” he said looking at the class, “now you all do it.”

Hours after arguments later, he got all of the students to do what he did.

He then proceeded to tell the second thing. “Okay, the second thing is this: PAY ATTENTION. If you noticed I stuck my middle finger up the ass and licked my index finger.”

Isn’t that the shite? ^_^

And speaking of Forensic, I had my first Bio exam. Evil, PURE EVIL, is the word to define Bio.


  1. haha yeah thats a funny joke!

  2. Wow! That’s crazy ^_^

    I’m not a fan of bio either. =/

  3. Haha holy shit that made me laugh. XD

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