Sod It All

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My friend who works with the law stuff informed me that I could have voted regardless of not having a residence of any states and not having to worry about paying for state’s taxes.

WTF. No one, NO ONE ever tells me anything about this government crap. And I am definitely a dumbass with government crap!!!!


I could have voted for Kerry, and because of my ignorance, I was unable to. Well damn it all.

And also, in the middle of my Korean class, my band teacher (the one I volunteer and sub for the most) has finally received news that her father passed away at 3 A.M. CST. I felt bad for her of course, and now it looks like I’ll be subbing either the entire November or at least most of it. Shite. She was planning on going home for Thanksgiving before heading to D.C. for school-related purposes. She was hoping that her father would hang on.

… Well at least he isn’t suffering anymore. But I felt so bad… I just couldn’t stay in class.

Fucking bad night it is.

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  1. Lady Athena on

    Kerry conceded to Bush. *kicks something* Another fours years with this president. Lord help us all… *sigh*

  2. I agree with Lady Athena.

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