Upcoming Agenda

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Before I go on, I actually updated Cineblog. Wow. That thing’s been sitting in dust since this spring. Poor thing.

Upcoming Agendas
– Nov 8 – 9: Sub art teacher.
– Nov 18 -19: Sub Mrs. Lee.
– Nov 22 – 24: Sub Mrs. Lee.
– Nov 29 – Dec 3: Sub Mrs. Lee.
– Dec 9 – SAHS Holiday Concert.
– Midterms and Finals in between or after.

It’s no wonder my net time is so cut down. x_X;; Thank God’s for days off this month. I <3 November when it’s related to SAHS.


  1. Lady Athena on

    Whoa, busy schedule… And I thought mine was bad… ^_^;

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