The Day After Tomorrow

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No, I am not a theatre rat, so I didn’t see it when practically everyone else saw this when it came out. I waited for the dvd and rented it from a friend. Free of charge. ^_^

Maybe I have a thing with disaster movies, but I loved it. I seriously thought it was good. The cause of the ice age might seem un-plausible, but let’s forget the science mumbo-jumbo and think “what if it happens”.

Okay, I lied. There was one thing I didn’t like at all about the movie. The damn romance scene. Some movies, such as this, does NOT need romance to make it better. But other than that, I really enjoyed it. Seeing L.A. hit by like two or three tornadoes, floods in NYC, hails the size of baseballs in parts of the world, and seeing helicopters freeze was just … wow. I seriously do not want to live through an ice age after that.

It was interesting to see Ian Holm. Other than Jake, those were the only actors I knew from that movie. I liked how they chose lesser known actors to play these characters. Biased I am, but the fact that those UK guys were Scottish, residing in Scotland… GAH! I got to hear accents! <3 Scottish accents.

The special effects was amazing in this one. And the music was pretty enjoyable too. Roland Emmerich did a pretty darn good job. Kudos to him.


  1. I still haven’t seen this movie yet.

  2. It was good wasn’t it. I think that is just one of those movies that don’t have to be perfect or award winning to be good. It’s just for fun, albeit that most likely it will creep you out, but it’s still fun. ;D

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