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Yesterday was Mrs. Lee’s birthday.

I decided last week that her seminar class could bring in stuff and celebrate. I would be responsible for the cake.

Well so we did that. Jacquie and I chipped in (no puns intended) with two bags of chip and salsa. I asked the others to bring in other munchies and drinks. Only student did. *sweatdrops* So much for relying on high school students eh? Haha. ^_^ At least they chipped in for a card and bouquet of flowers.

But still, when they were like “Aw no more Doritoes?” or, “No sodas?” or, “I’m thirsty.”, I had to bite my tongue from saying, “Well, you should have brought something shouldn’t you?”

Ah well. It still turned out nice. The card they chose was real cute ^_^. Hee hee!

So anyways, I’m on a one week term break. I got all my classes stuff ready though. Woot. Got my textbooks and registrations all done. I’m going to be taking Korean 112 and Biology 160 (Human Biology). Goody.


  1. Lady Athena on

    Wow, break time, huh? Mine’s not until November. And I’m taking four business courses. Bleh. By the way, my main domain has changed to It’s going to be fully up this weekend. If you still want to be siblings let me know through here: Sorry there’s no e-mail address. Spammers are a very bad thing. Good luck to you with your new classes! :)

  2. The only good thing high school kids are good for is for eating.

    And yo!

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