First Time

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Today marks the first time I skipped a college class.

Okay, not really skipped, but more like I attended the first hour of it. I just could NOT stay awake. I exerted myself screaming at Beginning Band today (subbing), so I decided that I couldn’t endure Korean 111 tonight and came home.

Mum’s being a biatch about it though. For pete’s sake, Mother. Throughout my entire first year at Maryland, I only was tardy once for one class, and never missed a single night or weekend class of my college career yet. So lay off.


  1. You’re doing better than I did when I was there. I skipped a whole day of class to go to some Bizzare (however you spell it) and I went with my mom. =D But it was an easy math course which I passed.

    How much is the subway now?

  2. my first year of uni i skipped so many classes. a very bad idea i now realise.

  3. Brittani on

    I’ve never skipped a class, but I have been tardy plenty of times. =/

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