What a long week

This post is old, so what you see here may not reflect my current opinion and mindset, certain information may be outdated, and links may be broken.

The highlights of my long week and some of last week:

* Subbing for Mr. X all week except Tuesday which was a holiday.
* Getting my Fake mangas.
* Getting a 100% on my Korean midterm.
* Getting a 90% on my Bio midterm.
* Getting all of Love Mode.
* Getting Thief and Detective.
* Getting the Star Wars Trilogy and Trainspotting. (Thanks, Daddy!)
* Getting lost at Dong Dae Mun.
* Getting mixed up on the evil Green Line (Line #2) on the subway.
* Discovering that the subway system is not the same. Ie: With 900 won I can’t go anywhere. I have to pay a certain fee to each destination from wherever I am.
* Getting a debit card which will be only used in the PX/Commissary sometimes, and emergencies with the ATM machine.
* Meeting Mr. Shim again with Jacquie and eating lunch.

Bah. I cannot wait till this weekend for the four day weekend.