At School… Work!!

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Yeah. I finally got my own login to use at school. Now I won’t die of boredom too much while subbing. XD XD Having these privileges are good I guess.

Tomorrow is Chusok. Korean Thanksgiving. I only get tomorrow off from work, but not off from school. And I work this entire week minus tomorrow. Yay.

Dude, has it been that long since I’ve updated? Wow…

I had no idea that time just flew by like that.


  1. you must be having fun for time to fly. time is going rather slowly over here.

  2. Jesus Christ on

    It is hard for man to accept error, and it is even
    harder to admit your failures in sin that need My forgiveness.
    Put aside your pride and accept your weaknesses, but know that
    you can come to Me in Confession for forgiveness to cleanse your

  3. …Uh… Jesus? Can you move your quoting ass over to the side and stand by Lucifer, please? This was neither the time nor place to go Bible Thumping. Thanks.

    Anyways, you really must’ve been busy TC! Well, anyways, I have a sneak peak for you!

    Copy and Paste. Love ya!

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