First Day of Subbing for SY 04-05

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1st Period
Prep. (Period where teachers plan and etc) I went and copied this test for 3rd period, and then the secretary asked me to do something. Then I went to Dragon to do my daily DHL business.

2nd Period
String Ensemble. Not a bad class. My favourite “Rice” boys are there, and several other people I like to mess with XD. But conducting them is always hard since most of their music selections are ones I have no clue how it goes. But yeah, they were a decent class.

3rd Period
Beginning Band. Thankfully they are not playing yet. But they will be soon, and my poor brain will suffer. I just administered an Open Notes test. I had a confusing situation though:

I had these two girls sharing the notes during the test. In between them, they put the sheet of note on the stand. Is that considered cheating? I would think Open Notes mean to use your OWN notes.

Then I had to issue out locks, locker, and book. Didn’t get to finish it. x_X;;

4th Period
Intermediate (aka Cadet) Band. Okay. Why is it that for the past year and now this year of subbing, this band is always the worst?! Their incompetent appalls me, and OOOH they just pisses me off. The front row flutes player seems to be the worst, talkative bunches I’ve ever met in my life. Then again majority of them were Freshmen…

I had a couple situation I’d like to share and find out if only I think is fucked up.

#1: During warm-ups, we did scales. There are three percussionist. One was playing the snare. The other two didn’t do nothing. I asked for one of them to play on mallet. There was one girl and she said:

“Well I don’t know how to play mallet!”

And I responded with:

“Well now is a good time to learn.”

#2: Apparently some people do not know that when I conduct, my hand/arm movement is a metronome. Why? One player asked if I had a metronome. His neighbour said that my hand was the darn metronome. RIIIGHT…

#3: I had a flute player who wasn’t playing for the first ten or fifteen minutes of class. I asked where was his flute. This was the basic answer:

Well you see, this is what happened. I had a volleyball game last night, and I stayed over at a friends house since I live at least forty minutes away from here. So naturally I couldn’t get my flute from my house.

Ten minutes later, he raised his hand and asked:

Can I go get my flute? I think my friend brought it, and he left it in my locker.

WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! Well I did let him go, and he indeed came back with a flute. x_x;;

Am I the only one puzzled here?


No wonder High School teachers are cranky. If I ever teach, I’d prefer college students. They are so much more mature than high schoolers.

*sighs* What a day…


  1. Lady Athena on

    Teaching high school kids would be my worst nightmare come true. Seriously! I do not know how you put up with it. I’d be pulling my hair out!

  2. Oh dear… I AM a highschooler student and I can barely deal with people around me.

    Plus, my friend’s convinced that the marching band is a whole orgy/soap opera. o.O

    It’s amazing how you can put up with them!

  3. CasualSax on

    (Wait..marching band isn’t just one big orgy?)

    Sorry you had a rough day…You just gotta laugh at them, I think. Don’t get run down, just stick with it. *nod nod* Yeah, that seems like something someone who knew how to give advise would say..*sigh*

  4. Oh dear, try teaching elementary school kids!

    Remember, even in college, you do have students who aren’t prepared, but at least most of them have the decency to not show up when they aren’t prepared! Plus, the classes are bigger (compared to High School), so you won’t notice the kid sleeping in the back of the class!

    And that is the reason why I would never, EVER teach band. At least English is something I can handle!

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