The First Week…

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The first week of school and work was pretty … TIRING. So tiring that I gave myself a day off.

Bio 101 seems … okay so far.
Korean 111 is … BORING since I know the damn basic crap right now.

Last night after Korean class, I met up with a good friend of mine, Yun Suk, who’s currently visiting from the states. We went to this one HOF, and had a good dinner and drink. Sadly, I think with all my wake up early escapees catching up to me, I got buzzed off of one Soju Apple-flavoured Cocktail. How pitiful.

Oh well.

Tonight I went back there again with Jacquie and had fun talking.

Whee… so now I have a four day weekend. No class Monday as I thought. That means more make up classes. UUUUUGHHHHH.


  1. must be a really strong cocktail hey? ;)

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