Korean Visual Rock Concert

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Today I met and made three new friends. One of them was Adri. I found her through Livejournal directory search; I was looking for someone who was into yaoi and lived in Seoul. Well we got to know each other a little bit over the net. Then we decided to hook up and meet in person today. I met her at Noksapyong Station. Then we went to Idae, Ewha’s Women University. We met up with another friend of her named Hans. Then we went to Crow, a piercing/henna place. The guy there, whom Adri knows, got her four tickets to this Korean Visual Concert. Also, the last time Adri was there at Crow, she was introduced to three members of this Korean Visual Band called Jealousy. Later on, another friend of Adri’s came by, Christine.

So all four of us went to the concert. It was supposed to be from 6:00 to 10:00. The first band was okay. The singer was sooooo baby cute. ^^ After they went off stage, I went outside and saw the singer and complimented him. While the second band was playing, I got a bit bored, and my feet were killing me. Due to my feet, I stayed outside by the stairway (the concert hall was underground…) and sat for a while.

I came in for the third band, and alas it was Jealousy!! While the first band did covers on Larc en’ Ciel, Jealousy were into X Japan. I was soooo happy, and so was Hans, a fellow X fan! All four of us went nuts. PHWEE! When they finished, the drummer came up and gave one stick to another girl, and two sticks to Adri. Lucky bitch!

There were four more bands after that, but we had to go so Adri could get home on time. We stopped by BK and got something to eat. I found out then Christine was a HP Slash fan. OMG!! Also, Hans seemed to be into it as well! What a lucky day for me! A yaoi fan, a slash fan, a jrock fan, an X Japan fan… GUH!

^_^ That was greaaaat.


  1. Wah, so many different types of fans you found! Fun stuff! :3

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