Goodbye Chingoo

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Well, yes I’m back from Guam. Sorry for not updating, but I had a lot of catching up to do and people to meet. I’m making a website based off of my Guam trip. Will be up soon hopefully. I miss Mi Son x_x;; I miss the freedom I had there; I come back to restrictions and parental nagging. I can so see the benefits of living on my own and the digusting things called bills as well x_x;;

One of the people I had to meet was Tina. She’s a good friend of mine whom I’ve known since I was in sixth grade. She graduated this June, and now is off to Norwich. I hung with her on Thursday and Friday, and 40 minutes into today.

She’ll be missed. We had so much fun drinking bubble tea at “Hell Beans” and talking on Thursday. Then Friday, we met at Chocolates, then we went to No Rae Bang (Karaoke) for two and half hours. Lastly, we ghetto drank around my apartment area and just talked our butt off about whatever. She’s a crazy, humorous person.

I’m gonna miss her. T_T.


  1. Hell Beans? Now that sounds like a fun place to meet! Hehe.

  2. Lady Athena on

    Karaoke is so much fun! :) On most Monday nights that’s what’ll I be doing!

    Bills are disgusting things. However, I don’t have to deal with them quite yet, so I’m set on that.

    By the way, is back, but is more personalized than before. I thought I was going to delete it, but that domain holds too much sentimental value to me. is pretty much no more, so if you would like to remain siblings, could you change the link to Thanks!

  3. wow. guam eh? where the hell is that anyway? heeh.

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