Guam Nightmare

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I’m sure that my faithful readers of this blog knows about my Guam trip on the 24th of July, right?

Well I had a nightmare about going there.

Firstly, the flight was in the afternoon, and it was supposed to leave at 4 pm, but didn’t leave till six. Realistically, my flight is at 8 pm.

The dream got worst. I had an average size bag with me. In the dream, I didn’t have underwear, socks, or other clothes. I didn’t have a book to read on the flight. I didn’t even have gums to chew on to prevent air pressure pain. Then I also noticed I had no money with me. >_< ;; Then my mum asked the airport people how much the ticket was. She said she wanted to come to Guam later in the week. I. Was. Horrified. The sad part was when I woke up, I really thought I was at the airport and all that was happening. Now because of the dream, I am SO compiling a list of what I am gonna bring with me. *shudders* That was a crazy nightmare.


  1. CasualSax on

    What trip? Huh?…

    Oh, and clothes are optional.

    Haha..okay..yeah, dreams can suck. Better luck on sleep next time, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time, no matter how horrible the flight is.

  2. Wah, that does sound scary! I’m always nervous that I’ll forget stuff on trips too. *nods*

  3. bring socks and underwear and a stuffed animal/pillow for the plane. Don’t forget to bring a camera and money!

  4. wendris169 on

    Guam is not that bad. I am in guam right now. Worse thing about this place is being away from my girlfriend and family and friends. Don’t worry about the dream I am sure everything will be just fine. Enjoy your trip. :-P

  5. Lady Athena on

    Sometimes dreams feel so real that distinguishing them between reality and fiction can be sometime difficult. When I dream, I actually go as far as to moving around when I dream. One I dreamt that I fell off a cliff and when I opened my eyes, I actually found myself tossed off of my bed.

    Anyway, Guam sounds like fun! I wish I could get out of the country and go to Europe, but I can’t go by myself due to certain circumstances. Ah, well. Maybe I’ll get to go next year…

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