I Hate Being Stood Up!

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Yes. That’s my subject of this entry.

I’ve been stood up more or less four times in about a week and a half. Yesterday was what really pissed me off though. The person and I were supposed to eat lunch. So I walked all the way, and the person couldn’t wait any longer, or she’d get sick. That’s what the person text me on my cell. Well considering the past times the person stood me up, I was fed up by then.

As the day passed, I was slowly calming down. Then I read the person’s online journal. The person instead then says the person met their significant other, and tagged along with the lover. Today another friend of mine confirmed that, but added that the significant other asked the person to come eat lunch.

You can imagine how much more pissed off I became earlier this evening. Not only did I get stood up, but I also got lied to too! If there are things that I cannot stand are being lied to and being stood up. The person came up to me after lunch, but before the person could say anything, I stopped the person and said, “Don’t even try to talk to me.”

Yes, I was PISSED.

Maybe I am overreacting, but prior three times something similar or whatnot happened, and then this. Whatever. I tried to be patience, understanding, and what do I get? Hah. Thanks a lot.


  1. Mochi on

    silly how people forget their friends and blow them off for their bf/gf… i’m sorry your friend was so thoughtless… but don’t be so mad, just talk to her, so hopefully, it won’t happen again ^_^ luv ya, tara-chan!

  2. Heather on

    If I were you, I’d not keep the entry anonymous, ebarass my ‘friend’ to death, and at least ensure that it won’t happen again. Or throw rocks; big rocks!

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