Spaying, Sociologying, Speeching, Seminaring

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What a busy… life for me.

Got Grumpy spayed yesterday. She was not a happy rabbit. Today she’s better though. Although she hates the thing around her neck which prevents her from biting her stomache. At least she’s eating again.

Sociology is … well sociology. Gotta research on my topic, which is incest, for my presentation by July 12.

Speech is … speech. Had my midterm. Got an 80 on it. Screw it though. No matter how hard I try, it’s impossible to get an A with the teacher’s new grading system. Have to research about organ donating for my persuasive speech. Got to convince my audience to sign up for organ donors. That’s July 13.

I got the MUSC392 Seminar this weekend. All day, from nine to four, Saturday and Sunday class. I ain’t gonna have a Fourth of July weekend. At least I get Monday off.

Shoot me now.


  1. Chibi Misao on

    HAHA! Love your little subject line:)

  2. casual Sax on

    Nice alliteration. =D I remember the really isn’t that bad here, but it feels like it – and more importantly, the sun is never out, so it just gives you that depressed feeling. I remember SFS closing for floods…haha.. anyways.

    Good luck on being busy. Busy people want to be bored, bored people want to be busy..

    Anyways, nice talking, and I’ll c-ya ’round!


  3. i ate rabbit for dinner last night. jks :P

  4. CasualSax on

    Maybe we should create a webring for people that hate the world?

    Glad to keep in touch with another reasonable person! Hope you’re enjoying your limited freetime more than I’m not enjoying my maximized freetime.

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