Driver’s Licence

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Got my driver’s licence today.

One less thing to worry about now.

Go me. I need a lot of practice though.


  1. Sylwia on


  2. Coronet on

    Congrats! Getting your lisence kicks butt. >:D The only problem is that the army is so up tight about it. >_<; I hate driving on base because of those tight asses.

  3. Margarida on

    wow i need to be careful now :X lol kidding :) (and im very far away for you so i think there is no problem, eheh)
    congratulations :) * * * kisses

  4. now you can tear up the city streets at night ;)

  5. GAH,
    I’m so freaking late on this but CONGRADULATIONS! XD; I know how exciting it is to get it. If I (but I’m pretty sure I posted on your LJ)

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