Wrong Equations, Perhaps?

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Something is wrong with me.

I am actually studying, and after receiving my assignments back in Sociology, I do not think I will study anymore. I got lower grades than I expected. When I don’t study, I do better. Something is not right here.

Also I don’t want to do LJ, I don’t want to do HP, I don’t want to do my blog, I don’t want to do anything but do good in school at the moment. Well actually I am also ANXIOUSLY awaiting for July 24, the day of Guam flight, but … I dunno.

It’s not like I was doing bad in school before, in fact I was doing quite the opposite: VERY GOOD. Yet now… x_x;;

Am I experiencing some kind of late teen years-life crisis or something? GOD.

High school is out for the summer. So now all I have is classes to worry about. I am hoping I’ll do good this term, but I do NOT know. Something is not right here. >_< ;; ** x-posted from my LJ.


  1. Lady Athena on

    I’ve had times like those when I first started college. It’s normal and natural. If you don’t let it overcome you, it’ll surely go away with time. *hugs* Just try and have a good summer, ne, Tara-chan?

  2. hahahaa i used to be like that too.. i tend to do much better without studying but nah.. that kinda magic unfortunately doesn’t work very well with AP’s anymore.. hahaha..

    i’m off to college this fall.. hahaha >.< i'm very sure, that won't happen for me anymore.. hahaha the "crisis" will end soon, i’m sure.. :P

  3. Casual Sax on

    You’ll be okay, I think. I had a complete breakdown last semester myself and did horrible in school..all I learned was that freetime is evil. Just stick with it, get a routine going.. yeah, yeah, whatever.

    Be cool, enjoy life, and have a blast in Guam.

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