Driving Updates & Term 5 Preparation

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I’ve been practising my driving. So far I haven’t made it out of the designated, empty parking lot dad chose for me at Camp Coiner. I apparently have trouble with steering. >_< ;; It looks harder than I really did expected. I'd be lucky if I'll make it out of that stupid parking lot by this Sunday. … I seriously hope this doesn’t give Daddy a stroke or anything. So far I haven’t crashed into anything, but if there were cars filled up there… I don’t wanna know how much I’d owe the people’s cars I damaged. I also signed up for my classes for Term Five. Yay. 1152 bucks. I pay about 700ish buck and dad pay the remaining. My poor bank account will be empty soon. And I am not even getting my paycheque this week! I gotta wait two more weeks. Damn. Anyways I signed up for the following: SOCY 100 – Introduction to Sociology; every Mon/Wed 1830-2130. (3 s.h)
MUSC 130 – Survey of Western Music; every Tue/Thur 1830-2130. (3 s.h)
MUSC 392 – Great Composer Series: Mozart; Jul 3/4 all day. (1 s.h)

MUSC 130 book was 67 bucks and 392 was 35 bucks. SOCY’s book is 78 bucks. I’m hoping to find a used one soon. Classes start on May 31… which lands on the Memorial Day hols, so that means I have to make up that first day on the following Friday. Oh great. Term 5 ends on Jul 24, in which I am ALSO gonna go to Guam then. Yay. High School gets out soon, so they won’t need me much. Drivers’ Ed will finish in a few more weeks.

I’m one busy woman. And this is also Final Exams week. Math and History. *dies* How I loathe thee…

67 more days till Guam, baby. That’s my countdown time.


  1. haha…you’ll get the hang of it eventually ^_^

  2. Heather on

    Driving is so much fun once you get the hang of it. And then, after a month or so, it gets boring again. No bigge. And Guam? Take me with you!

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