Driver’s Permit

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I passed the exam, and now I received my permit. ^_^

Today I learned how to turn the car on. Hahaha… it looks harder than it looks now… I hope the seat is movable dammit. My legs are too short!! >_< ;; It sucks being short... So this weekend I’m gonna be driving around Camp Coiner where according to dad, is the safest place to drive on base. Yay for me. Let’s hope I don’t crash into anything.


  1. Heather on

    Hey! I’m not the only person my age who can’t drive! Man you rock me.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    Driving is so much fun; you’ll love screaming at all the idiots on the road who make you wonder how they ever passed the driver’s test at all!
    ^o^ Kidding:) Have fun, and drive carefully!

  3. Michael on

    Hey, driving is fun! *Still needs to learn* Oh, and I remember you recommending your host as being awesome. I’ve got a group that wants to get a website, and next time you’re online, I’d like to chat about hosts..anyways. Hope life is awesome for ya! Summer’s here! Awesome! hehe.

    ~Mikey (Casual Sax)

  4. what looks harder than it looks? turning the car on?? wear your seatbelt at all times~

  5. Steph on

    congratulations =)

  6. Jenny on

    Hey.. I tried to call you today at 9 AM, but no one answered.

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