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I’m gonna have virtually no time next couple months.

Drivers Ed is starting a week earlier than I anticipated. It starts on May 10. WTF. I SUB THAT ENTIRE WEEK, and it’s the WEEK BEFORE FINAL EXAMS!!

I am not gonna have any free time.

So all in all my regular weekday will be consisted of this:

-Get to SAHS about 7:15ish
-Sub or Volunteer till 2:40ish
-Run my butt down to Drivers Ed by 3:30
-Hopefully get out in time to make it to my night class twice or four times a week at 6:30
-Get my arse back home around 9:30-10 at night.

Without Drivers Ed, I have three hours to recuperate between the work and class from 3 to 6. With Drivers Ed, I ain’t gonna have a life.

And in between I got homework, studying (somewhat), online crap I have to do. In midst that, my rabbit. AUGH!

Thank God SAHS gets out soon. This is not gonna be fun.


  1. Steph on

    :( <3 I have similar feelings…

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