Recital and Blisters

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I went to a Haegum Recital downtown Seoul with a friend. Haegum is a really interesting Korean string instrument. I had never seen it or heard of it till today. Well my friend got four free tickets, and she invited me. So I went. And wow… we had EXCELLENT seat. First floor, smack in the middle. Aiya.

It was a lovely experience. The arrangement of all the performances was very good. The Haegum player was so into it. I could tell. The best part was that I got to hear the most gorgeous arrangement of Arirang. I loved it.

Now the bad part about this day was dressing up nice. The shoes is what killed me, and now I got blisters. Ouch. Damn shoes.


  1. Eeeeew, blisters. Scissors solve all <<" Well, for me anyway, lol.

  2. cybrpunk on

    Hmm… never heard of that instrument either. I wonder if anyone plays it outside of Korea?

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