O_O Mother… & Volunteer of the Quarter/Year Ceremony

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I had some major plans for the next upcoming months. During Term 5 which begins on May 31, I plan to take three classes. I also plan to start Drivers Ed next month or so. I plan not to work this summer since I’ve worked/volunteer since last August, so dad and I made a deal where I can take three classes and not work.

Term 5 ends on July 24. On the 25th I want to go visit Mi Son in Guam for a week. That’s my plan so far. I dropped the bombshell on mum. She automatically said no. I asked why. She said I need to work and do Drivers Ed. I told her that will begin in May and end in June or July. And I told her I wasn’t going to work this summer and focus on school more. She said I need to earn money.

We argued and the most horrifying statement came out of her mouth: “Since you want to go to Guam since you never been there, I will come too since I never been there too.”

Oh My Fucking God. HELL NO. HELL NO.

All I’m asking is one week of independence and seeing a world outside of Korea. Is that too much to ask? *sighs* I plan to pay for drivers ed, most of the classes, and some of the plane ticket. So I am not asking for her to pay for me all the way dammit! But really I freaked out when she said she was gonna come along. That is like my nightmare.

Anyways, today I went to the Volunteer of the Quarter/Year ceremony. I thought I was nominated for quarter. I was also in the quarter section. Yet when they didn’t call my name, I thought they forgot about me. Then they went onto introducing the Year nominees. I was one of the year’s. Then I look at the certificate and it says Quarter. The lady later said it was a mistake and I can come back and fix it.

Haha. Well there’s something else I can add to my already longass list on the resume. It would have been nice if I won the Year thing. The prizes were awesome… $200 gift certificate for PX, and 2 free tickets to Hawaii. Dude. I WANT THAT. Oh well! ^_^ It was okay though. Haha. Okay I’m done. I got midterms to worry about.


  1. 2 free tickets to hawaii…one for you and one for me ^_^

  2. manda panda on

    lol.. aww.. hi!! i stumbled on ur page! =D hehe.. hope u convince ur mum to let u go alone.. =P

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