A Menace

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I swear, sometimes I’m a menace to society.

Dad asked me to water mum’s plants last week. I killed one of the huge stem of her lettuce.

I tilted broken tortilla shell crumbs all over dad’s bed.

And today, I broke the damn toilet.

What’s next? My own neck? x_x;;


  1. How do you break the toilet? LOL Well, we’ve all had bad days where the Goddess just wants to sit there and slap us in the face for some thing or another (call it Karma if you will). But none quite as hilarious as this!

    I hope that the day turns out better. *hugs*

  2. How about my neck? It’s much more thereputic =)

  3. i hope your toilet has been fixed by now o.O

  4. Lady Athena on

    *nods* Hmmhmm, yep, I’ve definitely had episodes like this before. And one too many to count.

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